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Tips and Tricks to play Elite Wars

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Elite Wars will give you a brand-new battle experience

Age of Origins - Tips - Tips and Tricks to play Elite Wars
Age of Origins – Tips – Tips and Tricks to play Elite Wars (image is for illustrative purposes only)

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Elite War tactics:

  1. The main objective of Elite Wars combat is to defeat your opponent by either capturing their base or capturing more strongholds than your opponent and holding them until the end of the game.
  2. Never arrive sooner than the main group. That will get you killed.
    • When you attack, there should be no more than 2 second gap between players. If someone is early, then the enemy will get to the back row of that player by the time the team arrives. At this point, the enemy is killing the back row and you keep refreshing it. In this case the enemy will keep killing your back row, ignoring tour melee troops. The targets are locked until all of the units of a certain type dies. Recall if you are too early.
  3. When you are all waiting to be attacked, fake an attack and recall. Do it when the enemy is 10-15 seconds away. This way if a few of them speeds in, you might be able to trap them like we wrote above.
  4. You can teleport home from any stronghold for 50 gold (first time is for free). Just push the “Back home” button in the top left corner, where you see the number of your troops.
  5. Cutters are players who are going to do some “dirty jobs” for team to win:
    • cutters are players who block strongholds so that the opponent cannot attack your base;
    • cutting does not mean to just go alone. Cutters can be a team of 1-5 players, depending on the situation;
    • only cut when it makes sense, do not waste speeds and do not leave the team if not needed;
    • try to just walk normally if possible, no need to speed
  6. Different types of cutter jobs:
    • to slow them down: in this case the cutters sacrifice themselves to prevent the enemy from getting to your base;
    • to split them: when the whole team of the enemy attacks, you can cut them to make a gap between their players. This way the team can fight them easier;
    • to lock them: sometimes the enemy units are all over the place. If they have a group outside, and we are attacking their base, then we should try to lock the outside fleets in battle, so they cannot teleport home to defend. In this case the main group speed attacks the enemy base, and people outside need to keep cutting the enemies slowly. When one cutter is about to die, right before that the next cutter should arrive, and so on. This way the battle keeps going on until the end of time so they cannot go home to help;
    • cut the base: this strategy works best when the battle takes place in a stronghold that is right before the enemy base. When the opponent whose base you want to attack has almost reached the stronghold containing all your alliance troops, the cutter sends his troops to attack the opponent’s base about 2-4 seconds before the battle in that stronghold begins. When he sees that the battle in the stronghold is almost over, he must use accelerators and attack the opponent’s base so that his battle in the opponent’s base starts 2-4 seconds before the battle in the stronghold is over. In this case, the opponent’s players who fought in the aforementioned stronghold, will not be able to participate in the defense of the base, because they will not be able to place their troops in their base – the base will be locked. Cutter’s main task is to hold the fight in the opponent’s base until the other teammates come to his aid, who use accelerators to reach the opponent’s base as quickly as possible. This is one of the most effective ways to defeat stronger opponent.
  7. Who should cut and when:
    • best cities are usually cutting the strong solo enemy players.
    • if your alliance has cities above level 34 and cities below level 34, only cities below level 34 should split the enemies as it is a sacrifice always. Stronger cities are needed in the team fight.
  8. If you fail to capture the opponent’s base, then the way to win is to capture more strongholds than the opponent. Usually, the fight for strongholds starts about 2-3 minutes before the end of the fight, because these fights consume a lot of accelerators, as well as a lot of soldiers.
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