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Attack on Guard Towers

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Steal your enemy’s points and win the event

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Event rules:

  1. When the event starts, Guard Towers will appear near the Alliance Halls of the Top 3 Alliances in the respective Nations;
  2. Attack and occupy the enemy Nation’s Guard Towers to continuously increase our Alliance’s Alliance Points and deduct the enemy Alliance’s Alliance Points. Alliance Points plundered from Guard Towers won’t count in the Individual Event Points;
  3. Alliance Points will be deducted from the Alliance’s Total Points earned when joining the Strongest Frenzy Commander event;
  4. Plundered Points are calculated based on every 1 minute. The higher the number of Troops occupying the Guard Towers and the higher the ranking of the Guard Tower’s Alliance in the Nation Power Ranking the more Points will be earned. The Alliance’s Plundered Points have a max limit. After reaching the max limit, Alliance Points can no longer be plundered;
  5. There is a limit to the Guard Tower’s Plundered Points related to Alliance’s Nation Power Ranking. The higher the Power Ranking is, the more Alliance Points can be plundered;
  6. After the enemy occupies another Alliance’s Guard Towers of the same Nation, you can help expel the enemy from the occupied Guard Towers of Alliances in the same Nation;
  7. Only the Top 5 Alliances in the Nation’s Power Ranking can join the Guard Tower’s attack and expel;
  8. All Alliance Leaders and Deputies can set the Guard Tower’s Attack Time 2 days before the Strongest Frenzy Commander starts. During the Attack Time, our Alliance Members can join the plundering of other Guard Towers, but our Guard Tower will also be open to being attacked.
  9. When you are in Truce Time, you can’t attack Guard Towers or help expel.
  10. You can’t attack Guard Tower in Truce Time.
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