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Age of Origins has a new mini-game – Mercenary Survivor

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Mercenary Survivor is a kind of mini-game that you can play inside the main game

It’s similar to the first mini-game that was introduced more than half a year ago, but this new game additionally uses your officers from the main game to defeat the Zombies. Also, this new mini-game is quite a bit more advanced and more interesting.

This game somehow is similar to the game called “Infinite Zombies”.

Access to this game is only available if you create a new city after the introduction of the new game. You can enter this game next to the Warplane Center.

This game was first introduced for iOS phones, but now it is also available for Android phones.

NOTE: At the moment, there is no real clarity on which servers this new game is available. Out of the last 20 or so new servers, only 1 has this game available. However, the old servers also have access to this game – the problem is that you have to start a new city to get to it. At least it is for now. It seems to depend on which version of Android you’re using (we think all iOS players have this minigame enabled). Now every new city can play this game.

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    • Hello!
      Unfortunately, there is no information about this at the moment.
      However, if any information emerges, we will publish it.
      Thanks for the question.

  1. Would you know when the mervenary survivor game unlocks? I just started a new city 4 days ago and I’m at c9 with no mercenary game.


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