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Duel of Dominance

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Who will rise above the rest to solidify their dominance in this chaotic city?

Let’s wait and see!

Event Intro:

  1. Duel of Dominance is a multi-Alliance Cross-Nation battle event. The 4 strongest Alliances in each Nation are automatically enrolled. Commanders who have joined the Alliance for 1 or more days and their City is Lv. 15 or higher can join the battle;
  2. The event is split into 2 phases: Group Matches and Knockouts. Group Matches have 4 rounds with 2 battles in each round. The Top 4 Alliances with the most Group Match points will enter the Knockouts. The Knockouts have 5 rounds with 1 battle in each round. The winner of each round qualifies for the next round, and the losing side gets knocked out;
  3. The event doesn’t actually use your Troops, and there will be no wounded or killed Troops;
  4. You can join this event without being online for it. To join the event, simply login daily before the system calculates the results to set your Defense Formation, attack, or other operations;
  5. During the event, you can use battlefield items for attack or defense. You can also Charge to increase your Alliance’s Power. Charge and battlefield items have a great impact on the battle results. Please make use of them.

Battle Rules:

  1. Both sides will have 7 Districts. Each District has 10 Strongholds. Strongholds are split into 5 types: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. Strongholds of each color are worth a different number of points: White Stronghold (1 points), Green Strongholds (15 points), Blue Strongholds (20 points), Purple Strongholds (25 points), and Gold Strongholds (30 points);
  2. Up to 60 Commanders can enter the battlefield to set defenses for each battle. Before each round starts, you can enter the event to adjust your Defense Formation at any time. Changes to the Defense Formation will take effect in battles on the following day;
  3. The Alliance Leader and Deputies can adjust the location of any army in the Defense Formation. They can also adjust the location of Strongholds. These adjustments will also take effect in battles on the following day;
  4. Only Commanders who complete their Defense Formation can join the attack. You must deploy an army before you attack, and you can only deploy 1 army per battle. All battles within the same round do not affect each other. After an attack on Stronghold fails, your Troops deployed for this battle will all be “killed”, and you also lose the ability to continue attacking;
  5. You can only attack Strongholds in order. After attacking any Strongholds, you must breach all Strongholds in this District before you can continue attacking Strongholds in other Districts;
  6. Please note that defense buffs will take effect throughout the entire event. Buffs used when you deploy an army to attack only take effect in the current battle.

Results Calculation Rules:

  1. Alliances get points after they breach Strongholds. When calculating the results, the side with more points is the winner;
  2. During the Knockouts, if both sides have the same number of points, the winner will be determined by the following rules:
    1. The winner is determined to be the side with fewer battle participants based on the number of people deployed when attacking (The number of Commanders who attacked).;
    2. If both sides deploy the same number of participants, the winner is the side with fewer Troops “killed” in this battle.
  3. The system will calculate the results for the previous round and generate the battle information for the next round at 00:00 (server time). The calculations take approximately 60 minutes.
    During this time, you cannot enter the battlefield. Please use buff items wisely.

Duel of Dominance Event start dates:

  • 2023.08.07
  • 2023.10.12
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