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What is Nations Merging

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As we all know, every now and then a player leaves the Nation

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And after a while there are much less active players left in the Nation. Therefore, to keep the Nation from decaying, it is merged with 2 or 3 other Nations.

  • The first merging of Nation usually takes place when the Nation is a bit more than a year old;
  • The second merger usually takes place 1 year after the first merger.

Before the merge, Nations will have a Chaosland event and the Nation ranked No. 1 in the Nation Ranking will become the settled Nation – all Nations players will be moved to that Nation.

The entire process of the merge will last about 3-6 hours and the duration might be longer or shorter according to the actual situation of the merge.

After the Nation Merge, some of the corresponding mechanic changes are as follows:

  1. All Commander’s Cities will be randomly distributed and all Troops are forced to return to their City after the Nation Merge;
  2. Chat history might be cleared;
  3. Battle report history will be invalid and you won’t be able to view replays (reports which were shared in NC chat will stay as it is);
  4. Saved World Map coordinates will be invalid because the Nation was displaced;
  5. All Alliance buildings will be removed. The corresponding Alliance points will be sent to the Alliance as supplies for Commanders to rebuild their Alliance Territory – Alliance will have all Alliance Points which were spent to build Alliance buildings via Alliance Points or Gold (Alliance Hall, Alliance Institute, Alliance Fort and Flags);
  6. To ensure the balance of the Alliance Territory planning, every Alliance Flag build will have a 2-hour cooldown for 5 days after merge – you can plant Flag each 2 hours;
  7. You can’t log in during the Nation Merge. Commanders, please arrange your gaming time to avoid any unnecessary losses. Every active Commander will get a 6-hour Peace Shield after the merge is over. The merger will be considered complete when you can log in the game;
  8. After the Nation Merge, every Commander will get the Elite Teleport and Change Name items. Those items will be sent via in-game Mail system after 5 days;
  9. The Deep Mining gameplay will be closed on the day of the merge.

Before merging, Nations which will be merged, will have Chaosland event.

The rules are the same as the normal Nation Chaosland with a special reward: the Nation ranked No. 1 in the Nation Ranking will become the settled Nation and the other Nations will merge to settle in this Nation.

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    • Hello!

      There is no set criterion for when a Nation will Merge with another Nation.

      It is a set of criteria consisting of:
      *) How old is the particular Nation;
      *) How many players are active in the Nation;
      *) What is the winning ratio of FRENZY and VOID;
      *) How much money the Nation’s players spend.

      As well as there are times when Nations themselves try to initiate Merging:
      *) Starting to lose in FRENZY and VOID events;
      *) Begins to reduce the overall strength of the Nation;
      *) Players start not spending money in the game;
      *) Asks the game creators to merge a Nation with another Nation.

      However, it should be remembered that in principle, two nations that spend a lot of money will never be merged, because it will create too strong a nation and the game will be unbalanced.

      Thanks for the question!

    • Hi there 👋.
      In frenzy there is no loss of troops for nation against nation during ke.
      If I where to attack a fellow member from the same nation with sos and slaughter during the ke will that kill troops or will they get them back because of frenzy rules.

  1. Hello, is there any merge information for nation 766? When it will happen and with what other nation?

  2. Any information if #723 Wil be merging anytime soon? We need a merger badly. We just a massive farm world.

  3. Does anyone know when nation 708 will merge? I heard November, just wondering if that’s accurate.

  4. Has a 794 merger been identified? Thank you very much for providing this information it is very much appreciated

  5. Hi what about 841 nation , is there a date for merge ? If still , please let’s know how we know when we will merge.

  6. Do all cities merge or only the active cities? I have one city in a very strong alliance and a second city in very weak alliance. Will both cities merge?

    • Hello!

      All cities of the Nation will be merged with all cities of other Nations participating in the merger process. Also Ghost and Dead cities.
      And it doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 6 cities in a given Nation, or if you have cities in all Nations – they will all be moved to one Nation (Settled Nation).

      For example, if 3 Nations are merged and in each of 3 Nations you have 2 cities and they are all linked (bonded) to your FaceBook account – after the merger, you will have 6 Cities linked (bonded) to your specific FaceBook account (by default you can only add 2).

      Thanks for the question!


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