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How to contact Camel Games?

Is there a way to contact Camel Games?

If you have any questions regarding this game, it is best to write to e-mail:

General questions: [email protected]
Support team: [email protected]
For business inquiries: [email protected], [email protected]
Job opportunities: [email protected]

War and Order Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Infinite Galaxy Customer Service Email: [email protected]

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    • Hello!
      There are several ways to use multiple game accounts:
      1.) You have several phones, each of which has its own account;
      2.) You can switch between Google accounts;
      3.) You can switch between FaceBook accounts.

    • Hello!
      If you can’t reply on Discord about VIP, it’s most likely because you’re not friends with the person you want to reply with, or your Discord settings don’t allow you to communicate with people who aren’t your friends. To change it, you need to go to -> User Settings -> Privacy & Safety -> Server Privacy Defaults -> Enable “Allow direct messages from server members”.

  1. Hi my account has been banned from the game and I don’t know why. How can I get it back working again?

  2. Grfee adalah nama akun saya di server1701 dan akun itu di larang tanpa saya ketahui alasannya

  3. Hola me siento muy inconforme ya q un usuario a nos visitó hizo sus ataques no eso uso información interna para quitarnos los escudos q habíamos puesto incluso a 3 de mis líderes le borraron el nombre la cual se enojaron y ya no está activos .agregaron a este juego es una perdida de tiempo.q estés usuario q nos hizo está manejo todo internamente.eso es jugar muy sucio.

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    เมื่อมีทหารบาดเจ็บ โรงพยาลไม่ขึ้นไอคอนรักษาทหารที่บาดเจ็บ

  5. โปรดตอบอีเมลและแก้ไขปันหาให้ฉัยด้วยค่ะ


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