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Main Hall Level 20

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  • First of all, when your city reaches level 20, you will be able to produce and loot minerals;
  • If you loot a city that has minerals, but your city is not level 20, all looted minerals will be lost. Minerals will not appear in the battle report, but will be looted. For example, if you want to upgrade a level 19 farm to level 20 and to do so you loot your level 20 farm via this level 19 farm, all looted minerals will be lost.

If you are Fighter, once your City reaches Level 20, it should have the following buildings:

  • Buildings that you cannot remove are not listed here, because they are permanent;
  • 8 Medic Stations (these buildings should always be upgraded to the maximum level as soon as possible, because these buildings ensure that your soldiers do not die in case of attack, but are placed in these buildings (hospitalized));
  • 8 Training Grounds;
  • 6 Steel Mills;
  • 6 Mineral Mines;
  • 7 Oil Refineries;
  • 1 Farm (Hospital upgrade requires 1 Farm, but after Hospital Lv.26 it can be changed to an Oil refinery as there is no such requirement anymore).

You will ask – wait, where should I get Food?
And the answer will be – from resource Farms!

One game account can create 6 Cities in one Nation. One is your Main City where you are a Fighter and the other 5 Cities are your Farm Cities where you are a Framer 🙂
In these Farm Cities you only develop Resource Fields and develop only farming Skills, Officers. And when you need Resources to develop your Main City – you attack your Farms and collect all resources from them. Of course, before attacking these Farms, don’t forget to send out all the soldiers from them, and never put the Zombies inside the City Wall.

And of course, let’s not forget that we can attack and loot enemies. This is a war game and not the FarmVille 😀

Of course, you can build 4 Farms and 4 Oil Refineries. The total number of Farms and Oil Refineries must not exceed 8. The main thing is that the other building types have 8 (Medic Stations and Training Grounds) and 6 (Steel Mills and Mineral Mines) buildings each.

p.s. when our city has reached c32, we collect with it almost only Gold and Resources only with Farm Cities. After c32, the biggest problem is the resource Uranium, which is very slow to collect, and not the Resources.

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    • Hello!
      Factory cannot be exchanged for Resource Fields.
      Exchange of resource fields can only take place between already existing Resource Fields (Food, Oil, Steel, Minerals) or between Medic Stations and Training Grounds, because in spots where you can place resource fields, you also can place 8 Medic Stations or 8 Training Grounds.
      Respectively, you can change the Food field to Oil or Iron, or Mineral field, and so on. And the same you can do with Medic Stations and Training Grounds.
      Other buildings are permanent buildings and can not be exchanged for other buildings/fields.
      Thanks for the question.

  1. How do you get Elite Level 2 Oil Fields, Farms, Steel etc. My alliance only has Level 1 but I’ve seen Level 2 and 3 out there.

    • Hello!
      There are Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Elite Mines are available on the map. The closer to the center, the higher the level of Elite Mines.
      To get level 5 Elite Mines, you need to reach them with Alliance flags. However, we do know that flags are limited in number, cost a certain amount of Alliance Points or Gold, and cannot overlap with flags from other alliances. That’s why top alliances build their Alliance Hall closer to the center so they can take as many level 5 Elite Mines as possible.
      Thx for the question!


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