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Triangle War

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The undercurrents are intensifying, and the mysterious Triangle resurfaced again on the sea! Let’s conquer this sea for supreme honor!

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  1. Event Intro:
    • Triangle War is a multi-Alliance Cross-Nation three-sided battle event. When the event is unlocked, 18 Nations will be divided into 1 group. The Top 3 Alliances of every Nation’s Battle Power will be invited directly. In addition, the Top27 Alliances in the Total Power Ranking of all remaining Alliances besides the directly invited Alliances will qualify to enter the event. Commanders, who have joined the Alliance for 1 or more days and have City Lv. 16 or higher, can join the battle;
    • The event takes the shape of 3 sides battling each other. Every side will fight the mirror image of another Alliance’s Defense. this event is split into 2 Phases: Group Match and Round Robin. Group Match lasts 5 days, with the first day being the Set Defense Phase and the following 4 days having 1 competition per day. Bases on 9 Alliances as 1 Group, there are a total of 9 Groups. Groups won’t have duplicate matching. When calculating the Group Match, the Top 3 in Alliance points enter the Round Robin;
    • Round Robin has a total of 3 rounds over 6 days with 1 competition every 2 days. Every round is split into the Set Defense Phase and battle Phase. For every round of battle, Alliance points will have the highest getting 3-Stars, the second highest getting 2-Stars, and the lowest getting 1-Star. After every round of battle is over, Alliances with the same number of stars will be matched in the next round of battle. Round Robin won’t knock out Alliances. When calculating the Round robin Phase, Alliance Rewards are sent according to the total number of stars earned in the 3 rounds of battle;
    • The event doesn’t actually use your Troops, and there will be no wounded or killed Troops;
    • You can join this event without being online for it. To join the event, you can enter the event at any time, before the system calculates the results daily, to set your Attack or Defense and perform other operations;
    • In the event, you can use battle items for Attack or Defense. You can also use Boosts to increase the entire Alliance’s Battle Power. When attacking, the Attack side has a chance to drop the Fortify item: Lucky Dice. Battle items, Boosts and Lucky Dice have a great impact on the actual situation and battle results. Commanders, please pay attention to them.
  2. Battle rules:
    • The three sides each have 7 Islands, and you must attack them in order. After attacking and Island, you can unlock the path that leads to the next Island. Every Island has 16 Strongholds and allows up to 10 Troops to be reinforce at the same time;

Triangle War Event start dates:

  • 2023.07.11
  • 2023.08.14
  • 2023.09.14
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