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Age of Origins In-Game tips

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Some in-game tips to play Age of Origins (Age of Z Origins):

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  • The higher level your City is, the greater it will appear on the World Map;
  • After reaching Main Hall Lv.6 – you will be able to create topics in the National Chat (NC). The level requirement will increase to 8, 10, 12 over time. You can post a maximum of 3 topics in an NC chat;
  • After reaching Main Hall Lv.8 – you will be able to send Private Messages. The level requirement will increase to 9, 12 over time;
  • You can activate Defense Tower at City Wall Lv.10;
  • Build Alliance Flags to expand your alliance territory and enjoy more territory rewards;
  • Beat monsters and you may win materials. Beat monsters in your alliance territory for the chance to win Gold and items;
  • As your City Wall burns, City Defense will be reduced. Don’t let it burn too long. Otherwise, when your City’s durability will be 0, it will be teleported to the random location;
  • You can send troops to Reinforce your allies’ cities, helping them defend against attacks;
  • Different troops have different skills. Combine them strategically for a better battle result;
  • You can Recruit Officers for free a few times each day;
  • Upgrade the Hospital to increase your max Wounded Capacity and Healing Speed. If someone will attack your city, only those troops, who can not be transported to Hospital, will die. The higher your Hospital is, the more Troops can be transported to Hospital;
  • Breakdown unneeded Officer Skills to get more Skill XP items;
  • A Peace Shield item protects your City from attacks;
  • When an ally is in battle, you can send an army to reinforce. The best way is to reach the enemy city together at the same time and attack it – your forces will join as one attack. This attack type is called a “Time Attack”;
  • Vehicle type troops take up more units, but have higher battle power;
  • Want to add more armies to your Rally? Upgrade your Dispatch Center;
  • Upgrade your Embassy to increase the number of Reinforcement troops that can be stationed in your City;
  • After how long do Zombies respawn?
  • Medici’s Treasure Maximum Underground Level is 19;
  • In the Medici’s Treasure event you can use Superior Strike to quickly clear all Zombies of particular Layer (auto-kill);
  • Upgrade the Garage to increase the Max Units of a single army (Fleet size – more info about fleet size coming soon…);
  • Zombies give exactly the same VOID/FRENZY points as Troops if they are placed in the Wall of the City being attacked and are Lv.5+ or Attacker’s Zombies are killed
  • Zombies give exactly the same FRENZY points as Attacking Troops if they are defending / attacking in the Guard Tower;
  • When Zombies are in a battle report they give points, when they are not in a battle report, they don’t give points, because they didn’t fight – see: Do zombies in VOID / FRENZY events give points?
  • Fighters put Commander Skill points only in the War tab and all points on the right side (long range attackers) or in the middle (medium range attackers) . Thus at level 37 you will be able to activate the SOS skill and at level 45 the Slaughter skill;
  • If you are Fighter, once your City reaches Level 20, it should have the following buildings – see here;
  • What is Bubble Trap?
  • To recruit troops faster – upgrade Training Grounds;
  • If you will not log into the game for at least 2 weeks, then when you will log in, a gift “Welcome Home” will be sent to you;
  • Go to Settings -> Other Settings -> and enable (activate) “Set Priority” – that will make it so you on the Map as priority will click the fleet and not the cities;
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