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Elite Teleport

Moves your City to a chosen location within your current Nation

Age of Origins - Elite Teleport
Age of Origins – Elite Teleport


  • After your City reaches Lv.8 or your City is 48 hours old, or if your City has more than 2 million resources, you can NOT teleport (move) your City to another Nation;
  • You can buy Elite Teleport in the game Shop for 2,000 Gold or in the Black Market Trade for 1,600 Gold;
  • Elite Teleport can be used both in the home Nation and the opponent Nation, as well as in events such as ChaoslandGlobal ConquestIronblood Battlefield, etc.
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  1. Hello, i have a problem with a city i created. I wanted it to be a farm for my main account city, but i unfortunately built it in another nation (couldn’t see how to choose the nation).
    I’d like to use an elite teleport item but it’s unusable even though my city still is under level 8.
    What’s wrong ? Can you help ?
    Thanks in advance, Geoffrey

    • Hello!
      We apologize for the late reply, we had not noticed your question.
      It is possible that your City is more than 48 hours old, so it is no longer possible to transfer it to another Nation.
      Our recommendation is to unlink it from your account and create a new City, add it to your account and immediately transfer it to your Nation.
      If you are making a farm City from a Main City account, then when creating this new City, choose the same Nation as your Main City.

  2. I need to change nations with my farm account currently th5 and 1 hour old. The globe icon is missing from the map view screen even when zoomed out.

    • Hello!
      You need to wait a bit.
      After about an hour, this icon will appear.
      Normally, this icon is not available when the game is newly installed – after installation, the game downloads all other non-primary resources, and while they are being downloaded, they are not available, including this Globe icon.

  3. I would want to continue playing but I would like to move to another nation permanently. How would I do that without abandoning the game. I do not wish to start another city in the new nation I would like to reside in.

  4. Je dois me téléporter vers mon alliance qui est loin . Mais je n’ai plus de téléportation ni 2000 or . Depuis longtemps et impossible de voir l’option téléportation.
    Comment je dois faire


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